Laminar Baron 58 XP11.40 default + REP Version (SCP 3)

Create DateOctober 30, 2019
Last UpdatedDecember 9, 2019
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SmartCopilot configuration file
for Laminar Research Baron B58 XP11.40

by docpan (smartcopilot config garage)

Version 1.1 :  added REP compatible file, small correction on datarefs

REP: Mass & Balance Section is not properly synchronised. Please make sure, that both pilot have the same settings.


1. Put the smartcopilot file into the main plane folder of Laminar Baron B58 (default or the REP version)

2. That is all!

3. Keep in mind with Version 3 of smartcopilot only the master needs to do that.

Have fun 🙂

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