B737-800 Zibo (+ Squawk config for IVAO)

Create DateJune 3, 2020
Last UpdatedJune 3, 2020
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Copy the file to the source of your 737 ZIBO.

This file is modified so that only the ignition of the SQUAWK works independently of the two pilots for the IVAO network.

The pilot in charge of communications turns ON his SQUAWK, while the second leaves it off.

However the pilots can modify the frequencies at the same time, this one remains linked.

On the IVAP or ALTITUDE software, only the transponder of the communication manager will be on and this will avoid generating the controller with collisions and the double transponder.

Please note, if the two pilots switch on their SQUAWK, they will also switch on on the IVAO network, it is important that only one of the two pilots switches on their SQUAWK!

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(Original files of SMARTCOPILOT, i have juste modify it).