Shared Cockpit plugin for X-Plane

  • X-Plane 11 Windows, Mac and Linux support

  • Master-Slave concept
  • Main cockpit controls governed by a Request – Release logic

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Plugin in Demo mode gives the possibility to check connection and aircraft compatibility.  It could be connected to the Pro or even another Demo user – however, only one user will be able to send manipulators and commands. The Demo user will fly like an observer only. Please, try the plugin with friends and if happy buy it.

Try SmartCopilot for free

What is SmartCopilot?

In fact, SmartCopilot is a plugin that, as people say, “just synchronizes the datarefs”. It creates an illusion of crew flight where both pilots can manipulate aircraft controls. The following points try to briefly explain what “Dataref Synchronization” is, as implemented in SmartCopilot:

  • Master-Slave – aircraft position is calculated only by Master computer. Slave just copies it. However, Slave’s systems remain fully functional.

  • The main cockpit controls (yoke, throttle etc.) governed by a Request – Release logic.

  • Configuration – every X-Plane aircraft has a different logic and systems inside. There is no possibility to create a universal plugin which will be able to work with every installed addon by default. So rather we created API where the author or an experienced user can configure SmartCopilot to work with his preferred aircraft. On this site, you can find all information how to write your own configuration files. You can check available configuration files and post your own here.

List of available configuration files

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What is SmartCopilot not?

  • First and most important – please don’t forget that SmartCopilot works over Network and requires a good and stable internet connection. If this is not your case plugin probably will not work (or will be unstable). Also, the plugin doesn’t establish any point-to-point internet connections – you need to care about it.

  • The plugin requires specific configuration file for every addon. We don’t have enough resources to create such files for every existing aircraft. But we provide a documentation how to create a configuration file here. You can check available files and post your own here.

  • Even if you find the configuration file you need, please don’t expect you will get 100% of the functions in sync. Sometimes it is even technically not possible, sometimes the files get outdated. Please try the file first in DEMO mode and check which functions are important to you.

  • If X-Plane performance is already low it might be lower with SmartCopilot. However, real tests show that on a system limited by GPU (most of users) there is no performance limitation by SmartCopilot. Using an An-24 with more than 500 DR’s we could not observe any FPS drop when switching SmartCopilot on. However, on a system limited by CPU there can be some FPS reduction.
  • For now, we don’t see any possibility how to synchronize C++ written FMS or systems (B777 etc.) But the authors can reach us and together we can think about it. All serialization possibilities are already implemented by us.

  • There are still many small and big problems to synchronize ALL systems in every aircraft (default GPS, FMS etc.). We still need to find what dataref governs them. Also, we have a big hope that aircraft developers will join us and design aircrafts in a more uniform way.

  • The plugin doesn’t provide any visual, voice or text connection between the pilots. You need to use Skype, Team Speak etc.

About the project

In the aviation simulation forums, one can often see that some of the discussion is about operating an aircraft as an aircrew. That is, to share a cockpit so the two pilots can operate the aircraft systems together. However, as everybody might guess, addressing such a need in X-Plane is quite a difficult task and seriously hard work, especially for a non-professional coder. That stirred up my interest and several months ago I started development of SmartCopilot – a plugin for crew flying. The main part of development time we spent on writing robust and OS-independent network interface which would allow transferring the data between X-Plane over the internet. The desired end-state is that the plugin works out of the box with default planes and third-party add-on planes. At the current stage of development, all major problems we had and all the default datarefs and systems can be managed by SmartCopilot in a very stable manner. The present hurdle is with SASL-governed planes and trying to synchronize complex, custom systems like the JAR A320. Time will tell how we are going to get this done, in the meanwhile, welcome to a world of over-the-net interaction!