JarDesign's A320Neo

Create DateSeptember 26, 2017
Last UpdatedOctober 8, 2017
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I decided to release a better config file for JarDesign A320 since all the others doesn't synchronizes many cockpit features. This config file only works with JarDesign's A320 up to date.


  • BetterPushback plugin support added.
  • Default JarDesign pushback improved.


  • Many bugs fixes and a totally new config file.
  • MCDU now synchronizes everything not including the flight plan page.
  • Baro and 'Terrain on Screen' are fixed and synchronized, even if the numbers don't change on the Baro screen, they change in the ND ' screens at the commander's (Master) discretion.
  • Ground services are synchronized at the commander's (Master) discretion.
  • Now the copilot (Slave) will receive all informations from the commander's (Master) aircraft and automatically replace them in copilot (Slave) aircraft, this will prevent any diferent informations such as fuel quantity, weight, balance, passangers on board, cargo, CG and ZFW.