Flight Factor 767 1.2.13 (Better Pushback and Autogate support)

Create DateMay 7, 2018
Last UpdatedApril 26, 2019
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### Smartcopilot Config File for FF767 Vers. 1.2.13 ###

The 757SC plugin for FMC synchronization is made by Toni Altimani (Max Waldorf). We use it with his permission. Thank you 🙂
Be aware that the 757SC plugin is made for WINDOWS ONLY! Please address requests for MAC/LINUX builds to Max Waldorf.

Written by mechia, docpan and teh_spartan
The smartcopilot config garage

Changelog 1.2.2

- Updated 757SC plugin for FMC synchronization (from Max Waldorf)
- small fixes

### Installation ###
Place the config.cfg file and the plugin folder in the 767 aircraft folder

### Limitations ###

- FMC sync for Windows only
- Don't use the FMC 2D pop out!
- TOGA and Autothrottle don't work properly at the moment. Start and Land with manual throttle until fixed

The smartcopilot config garage support swift. We strongly recommend to use swift because of its observer mode.
Because of using swift, we have synced the transponder as well 😉

The file works with Smartcopilot 2.15

Please report problems here :