PC12 + REP + GTN750 Version 1.1

Create DateJanuary 26, 2020
Last UpdatedMarch 23, 2020
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Hey all,

The download file contains three folders. Select the appropriate folder for install.

For the GTN750

Note: When enabling the shared feature, you disable any mouse wheel input (pinch-in/out). There might be out-of-sync situations when you press zoom in/out or when you use any other 'animated' touch action (scrolling lists etc...) because the 'timing' of the animation is internally updated within the GTN independently and depending on the action, one could 'animate' the action a little faster than the other. This is why we disable mouse wheel but this can still be exhibited when pressing the (-) (+) buttons to zoom the map.

Have fun


Update 1.1

Fixed the trim

Added the standby altimeter setting

Added the oxygen lever