RWDesigns DHC-6 Twin Otter Version 2 ready for GTN750 (Reality XP) / 1.2

Create DateAugust 6, 2018
Last UpdatedOctober 14, 2018
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Hello community,

we have created a SCP config file for DHC-6 Twin Otter from RWDesings.

We are happy to share it with you today.

We added support for the GTN750 by RealityXP

Please post any problems here:

The smartcopilot config garage

docpan, dodorex and mechia

### Version 1: Intial Version

### Version 1.1: Bugfixes: Tiller, Navigation Panel, Strobe lights, nav selector, MDA, GA, Altalert (the flickering of MDA and ALTALERT is due to the existing datarefs and unfortunately can not be changed. The function is undisturbed.)

#### Version 1.2: GTN750 sync fix

Unfortunately i dont have the GTN750 plugin by myself. Please report problems OR please report working. Thank You.