Ultimate B737-900 1807 REV1A w/ BP+AG+GHD - v1.12a-b

Create DateApril 25, 2018
Last UpdatedJuly 19, 2018
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Ultimate 737-900 "Sky4Crew Smart Copilot" Configuration file 2018 Version 1.12a-b Readme

Created by Leale Ryan Jackson for a better Shared Cockpit experiences

CONTACT for questions/problems: https://discord.gg/dR7aahU

Usage of some Original 737-800X Zibo codes by Claude ROULLIER for a quick start (many changes as Zibo 738X config didn't work well for 739U)

Tested by Leale Ryan with Alden Pole and Oskar Piedras

Donations Accepted through PAYPAL! - [email protected]

Note: Download the aircraft from their discord in the download links section! https://discord.gg/48suqAX

No need to use the GUI or have it open after being connected.

I added the GUI command to all my configs for the new Smartcopilot "request/release" toggle and it's synced between both pilots. All pilots should setup a key or yoke button in keyboard/plugins/smartcopilot/request-release-control or yoke section. You need SC 2.10+ for this new feature. When pressed, you can takeover or giveaway control of the aircraft without the other pilot's consent! If your copilot falls asleep, simply take command of the plane by pressing your assigned key/button once or twice! Thank me later. 🙂


IN THIS VERSION 1.12a and 1.12b


- Added Smartcoliot command to sync (release/request) - any pilot can now give themselves control or giveaway control without the next pilots permission

Setup a key in keyboards for "smartcopilot/controlrelease-request" command, press this key either once or twice to request/take away or giveaway control. 

- IAS speed glitching up and down Fixed

- "Being slave pilot while in control" toe brakes issue may still exist until plane updates

NEW 1.11a and 1.11b!

- Fixed Version B file and removed Ground Handling Deluxe requirement

- Taxi lights Switch Synced

- Radio minimums better syncing

- All trims better synced, no glitching

- Fixed toe brakes on slave control

NEW in 1.10a and 1.10b!

- Ready for 1807 REV1 A - Any updates or fixes based on changes

- Fixed Vertical Speed dial that was only controlled by master pilot before, no can be changed by both pilots at any time

- Fixed Better Pushback to work better while disconnecting from aircraft for slave pilot

NEW in  1.9a and 1.9b!

- Ready for 1807 REV 1 A - Any updates or fixes based on changes

- Clicking sound fixed after update

- Flaps synced again using new datarefs

- Fixed toe brakes on slave control

NEW in  1.8a and 1.8b!

- use the main file from v1.8a folder with Ground Handling Deluxe support if both pilots has the software, PLEASE UPDATE TO NEWEST GHD

- added Alternative v1.8b config file if connection issues exist, if both pilots don't have Ground Handling deluxe or don't have the same version or newest updates of GHD

- standby power toggle, bus transfer switch, battery switch and emer exit lights switch now all synced (on auto off), not just the cover panel over them

- BOTH PILOTS: HEADING/LNAV controls now works with any pilot in control, no matter master or slave

- BOTH PILOTS: Spoilers and flaps are now able to be controlled by both pilots at all times

- added IDENT button to sync

- Mandatory: Both pilots must have FREE Better pushback Software

Download here https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/126329-betterpushback/&tab=comments#comment-1215071

- Mandatory same version of Better pushback, Autogate and Ground Handling necessary if using

- Download recommended version of Autogate here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t163gexdctr3ih6/AutoGate.zip?dl=0

(set to CTRL+J or whichever you like in keyboards settings/autogate)

- Make sure to keep your Ground Handling deluxe software up-to-date, because there are new features that this config was made for!

NEW in 1.6!

- BETTER PUSHBACK is FREE and is mandatory for both pilots to install for a successfully connection

- The exact version of AUTOGATE is necessary for both pilots!!

- Ground Handling Sync working again, both pilots no longer need these plugins to connect but both pilots need to have the exact same version!

- IPAD menu for Better Bushpack Synced, a cool feature so the menu pops up on the copilot screen to make them aware of pushback

- Finalized fixed and swapped around datarefs in correct places

- Added APU syncing help

NEW in 1.6!

- Cleaned up and removed some fails commands/datarefs

- Fixed/added some new commands for the current REV 1806 update

- added # next to ground handling commands that causes issues with some sims on this new REV 1806

Ground handling and Autogate sync may work for some
- one person should make the changes below and send to other pilot so changes are exact
- open file with your default text editor and use CTRL + F to find the below
- remove # from the two commands, #jd/ghd/driveup = 0 #jd/ghd/driveavay = 0, if you and your copilot both have ground handling and want it to sync
- remove # from autogate connect/disconnect command if both pilots have autogate, put # back if config no longer works with copilot

NEW in 1.4!

- Ground Handling Deluxe is now Synced! This was almost impossible. Either pilot can command all Driveup or all Driveaway.

- Extra features now avaiable and key binded thru the small update are now Synced. (winglets, SATCOMMS, GPU, Tailstand, Cones) - now tested

- Download the u739 small update here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/433415967637241856/442746873997033483/B738.ZZZ_AXP_6_variants.zip

NEW in 1.3

- Jetway connection thru autogate plugin Synced for both pilots when any one of the pilots toggles it! I'm very happy about this!

- Reverse Thrusters by buttons - hold max reverse and toggle reverse both Synced, Axis already worked before

NEW in 1.2

- TCAS Synced working! 🙂

- Flight deck door Sync - bug fixed


ALL SUPPORTED (Below are all synced items with copilot):

- All Major 737-900 systems/features/commands for the U739 by Leale

- IPAD menu visuals/selections Synced (door open/GPU on/etc.) (originally had pop-up menu synced, cool but annoying if other pilot is doing something else)

- All Doors Synced

- All Cabin Lights Synced

- All included stationary "Ground Handling" Synced

- Better Pushback Synced

- Ready for extra features coming in update (winglets, Ipad stow, Satcomm changing Synced) - not tested


Available for everyone!

Share and have fun!

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