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The Popular DC3/C47 is back, one for the greatest aviation workhorses of all time gets an equally reliable SCP file. in this file i experimented with including user friendly options sections, as well as the first fully VR motion control supported file.

The VR Motion controls allow both pilots to control almost any aspect of the aircraft without needing to request control back and forth! Engine management Has never been easier! the one exception  is rudder control on the ground, which will require the master to have some form of rudder input. in VR it is best to remove all joysticks and yokes as they over-power your VR input, this is true for single pilot as well.

Special thanks to my testers!

Mechia, CJGuitar, & Alexander

NOTAMS: No known limitations in this file

VATSIM: due to the release of swift transponder mode is now synced, if you still use Xsqwakbox you will need to turn this off.

ACTIVE SKY: If both pilots are using Active Sky they will need to disable all weather in the [SLOW] section

GPS:  if you are having issues with the two GPSs you can un sync the flip down so that each pilot can use the two GPSs independently.

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