X-Craft Embraer E175 w/ BP+AG+GHD - v1.2a-b

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X-Craft Embraer E175 v2.3+ "Sky4Crew Smart Copilot" Configuration file 2018 Version 1.2a-b Readme

Created by Leale Ryan Jackson for a better Shared Cockpit experiences

CONTACT for questions/problems: https://discord.gg/dR7aahU

Tested by Leale Ryan with Alden Pole and Oskar Piedras

Donations Accepted through PAYPAL! - [email protected]

No need to use the GUI or have it open after being connected.

I added the GUI command to all my configs for the new Smartcopilot "request/release" toggle and it's synced between both pilots. All pilots should setup a key or yoke button in keyboard/plugins/smartcopilot/request-release-control or yoke section. You need SC 2.10+ for this new feature. When pressed, you can takeover or giveaway control of the aircraft without the other pilot's consent! If your copilot falls asleep, simply take command of the plane by pressing your assigned key/button once or twice! Thank me later. 🙂


IN THIS VERSION 1.2a and 1.2b


- Added missing EFIS selections to sync like show waypoints, weather, aiports

- Fixed many glitches and non synced Autopilot systems

- Vertical speed dial fixed

- Yaw Damper sync added

- Checklist unsynced for those annoyed by it

- Cleaned up unnecessary items for smoother sync like, flaps spoiler trips, nose wheel, trims, throttle, airspeed

- Fixed and made nose wheel sync smoother, helps when one pilot is using mouse control and doesn't glitch

New in 1.1a and 1.1b!

- Official release of config with all known issues fixed! NOW FLLIGHT TESTED!

- Fixed X-feed toggle, Anti-ice, APU Bleed, DC Pump, Heating< pmuematic, AC bus, Fire Ext, Autobrakes

- Fixed Altitude, G/S systems

- Added lower FMC Sync, PERF page

- Fixed many glitching systems like random numbers, displays, lights, FMS plan lost and blinking, Radios blinking/switching

- Fixed clicking sounds of one of the knobs

- Fixed Pitch Trim

- Synced APU, slave power lost on pushback cause APU not running

BETA 1.0!

ALL SUPPORTED (Below are all synced items with copilot):

- All Major E175 systems/features/commands

- IPAD menu visuals/selections Synced (door open/GPU on/etc.) (originally had pop-up menu synced, cool but annoying if other pilot is doing something else)

- All Doors and Windows Synced

- All Lights Synced

- All included stationary "Ground Handling" Synced

- Extra features synced (winglets, pop-out MCDU and radio,

- Better Pushback Synced

- Ground Handling Deluxe is synced when using v1.0a config file only.

- BOTH PILOTS: HEADING/LNAV controls works with any pilot in control, no matter master or slave

- BOTH PILOTS: Spoilers and flaps are to be controlled by both pilots at all times

- Jetway connection thru autogate plugin Synced for both pilots when any one of the pilots toggles it only using the version of Auto I recommend!

- Reverse Thrust by buttons - hold max reverse and toggle reverse both Synced, Axis works as well


- all exact above features are included from v1.0a EXCEPT for Ground Handling Deluxe sync, which will cause a connection error for pilots who don't have GHD or same version of GHD



- You must own the X-Craft Embraer E175 aircraft or purchase it from their site.

- Mandatory: Both pilots must have FREE Better pushback Software

Download here https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/126329-betterpushback/&tab=comments#comment-1215071

Download recommended version of Autogate here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t163gexdctr3ih6/AutoGate.zip?dl=0

(set to CTRL+J or whichever you like in keyboards settings/autogate)

- Mandatory same version of Better pushback, Autogate and Ground Handling necessary if using

IMPORTANT (for connection)

Make sure to keep your Ground Handling deluxe software up-to-date, because there are new features that this config was made for!

-You don't need to have this software but if you do, both pilots must have it and the exact same version! Please use "A" Version for pilots who both have GHD!


Available for everyone!

Share and have fun!

Have your friends visit the official site to download for an official download count!



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Youtube: Leale Jackson