X-Craft Embraer E195 w/ BetterP+GHD v3.0 - SCP3.0

Create DateJuly 11, 2018
Last UpdatedApril 2, 2020
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X-Craft Embraer E195 v2.4+ "Sky4Crew Smart Copilot" Configuration file V3.0

Created by Leale Ryan Jackson for a better Shared Cockpit experiences

CONTACT for questions/problems: https://discord.gg/dR7aahU

Tested by many viewers/followers on my discord channel and XP11 community

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Twitch: www.twitch.tv/lealeryan

Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/lealeryan

website: www.lealeryan.com




- Fixed any syncing/connections issues



- You must own the X-Craft Embraer E195 aircraft or purchase it from their site.

- Mandatory: Both pilots must have FREE Better pushback Software


Available for everyone!

Share and have fun!

Have your friends visit the official site to download for an official download count!


Support - Connect to our Discord Help Channel


- general questions

- help or any issues

- more aircraft request


Change log:



- Updated to work with all new features in v2.4+ Embraer

- Updated to work with all new features in v3.0 Smart Copilot

- Fixed any syncing/connections issues

New in 1.2a and 1.2b!

- Added missing EFIS selections to sync like show waypoints, weather, aiports

- Fixed many glitches and non synced Autopilot systems

- Vertical speed dial fixed

- Yaw Damper sync added

- Checklist unsynced for those annoyed by it

- Cleaned up unnecessary items for smoother sync like, flaps spoiler trips, nose wheel, trims, throttle, airspeed

- Fixed and made nose wheel sync smoother, helps when one pilot is using mouse control and doesn't glitch

New in 1.1a and 1.1b!

- Official release of config with all known issues fixed! NOW FLLIGHT TESTED!

- Fixed X-feed toggle, Anti-ice, APU Bleed, DC Pump, Heating< pmuematic, AC bus, Fire Ext, Autobrakes

- Fixed Altitude, G/S systems

- Added lower FMC Sync, PERF page

- Fixed many glitching systems like random numbers, displays, lights, FMS plan lost and blinking, Radios blinking/switching

- Fixed clicking sounds of one of the knobs

- Fixed Pitch Trim

- Synced APU, slave power lost on pushback cause APU not running

BETA 1.0!

ALL SUPPORTED (Below are all synced items with copilot):

- All Major E195 systems/features/commands

- IPAD menu visuals/selections Synced (door open/GPU on/etc.) (originally had pop-up menu synced, cool but annoying if other pilot is doing something else)

- All Doors and Windows Synced

- All Lights Synced

- All included stationary "Ground Handling" Synced

- Extra features synced (winglets, pop-out MCDU and radio,

- Better Pushback Synced

- Ground Handling Deluxe is synced when using v1.0a config file only.

- BOTH PILOTS: HEADING/LNAV controls works with any pilot in control, no matter master or slave

- BOTH PILOTS: Spoilers and flaps are to be controlled by both pilots at all times

- Jetway connection thru autogate plugin Synced for both pilots when any one of the pilots toggles it only using the version of Auto I recommend!

- Reverse Thrust by buttons - hold max reverse and toggle reverse both Synced, Axis works as well


- all exact above features are included from v1.0a EXCEPT for Ground Handling Deluxe sync, which will cause a connection error for pilots who don't have GHD or same version of GHD