X-Craft Embraer ERJ FAMILY (135/140/145/XR/LEGACY) w/ BPB v1.0 BETA - SCP3.0

Create DateApril 2, 2020
Last UpdatedApril 4, 2020
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X-Craft ERJ FAMILY "Sky4Crew Smart Copilot" Configuration file V1.0 BETA

E135/E140/E145/E145XR/Legacy650 - all compatible

Created by Leale Ryan Jackson for a better Shared Cockpit experiences

CONTACT for questions/problems: https://discord.gg/dR7aahU

Tested by many viewers/followers on my discord channel and XP11 community

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Twitch: www.twitch.tv/lealeryan

Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/lealeryan

website: www.lealeryan.com


IN THIS VERSION 1.0 | ALL SUPPORTED (Below are all synced items with copilot):

BETA FILE! - please contact me by discord for any issues

- Works with all new features in v3.0 Smart Copilot

- All Major Embraer systems/features/commands

- All Doors and Windows Synced

- All Lights Synced

- Extra features synced (winglets, pop-out MCDU and radio)

- Better Pushback Synced

- BOTH PILOTS: HEADING/LNAV controls work with any pilot in control

- BOTH PILOTS: Spoilers and flaps are able to be controlled by both pilots at all times

- Reverse Thrusters by buttons - hold max reverse and toggle reverse both Synced, Axis works as well



- You must own either of the X-Craft Embraer ERJ family of aircraft or purchase it from their site. E135/E140/E145/E145XR/Legacy650

- Mandatory: Both pilots must have FREE Better pushback Software


Available for everyone!

Share and have fun!

Have your friends visit the official site to download for an official download count!


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