Formation Flights using SmartCopilot

In January, we have been contacted with an unusual feature request – disable build-in position synchronization allowing the formation flight setup. In this mode, the SmartCopilot is used to transmit the current user position. With the help of SmartFlying plugin, another pilot could receive the position and assign it to the AI aircraft, simulating multiplayer flight with two aircraft.

For this mode, we provided two additional config file options in the SETUP section:

  • DISABLE_POSITION_SYNC – disable build-in position synchronization (1 – disable sync, 0 – default)
  • DONT_CHECK_ACF – don’t check aircraft names on the connection, allowing the users to fly different aircraft (1 – disable the check, 0 – default)

In the next releases we will allow more than two pilots to start a multiplayer session.

Please, check GitHub for more information on how to use the formation flights with SmartCopilot.