Version 2.11 brings new GUI

Starting from version 2.11 SmartCopilot plugin will contain a new GUI. What does it mean?

  1. We use X-Plane SDK 3.0. It means only X-Plane 11.10 and above is compatible
  2. We use “dear imgui” drawing library internally which gives a bunch of nice features and widgets. Read more about the library here.
  3. It is a very experimental release: if we found some compatibility problems we will go back to native X-Plane GUI.
  4. If everything goes well we plan to make imgui X-Plane port open source.

Screenshots of the new GUI:

Make the plugin almost invisible and still have a possibility to control it!

Following many user requests who likes to have a clean X-Plane window for screenshots, we created a minimized version of the main overlay window. You can switch between two versions by simply double-clicking on it. You can also control a transparency from Setup dialog.

If you have issues with the plugin or you have some nice ideas to discuss, please post your comments here.