SmartCopilot 3.3 beta 1

SmartCopilot 3.3 removes control delay when the Slave becomes a pilot flying. It is quite a big update, and we want to start it as a beta release first. Version 3.3 is compatible with all existing config files.

Additionally, we added a new PNF section to the config file, which is opposite to the SEND_BACK section. Using it, the config file creator can split some unidirectional functions between PF and PNF in a more controllable way. For example, PF always has a yoke control, and PNF has a throttle control etc.

The new debug window is available for config file creators. With the debug window, it is possible to tune the smoothness factors and graphically monitor the synchronization error. Open the debug window from the X-Plane Plugins menu.

Download new SmartCopilot version here.