SmartCopilot 4

Today I want to introduce the next major release of SmartCopilot version 4. We almost completely rewrite the configuration file engine, allowing more complicated synchronization algorithms in the future. By creating the user accounts and adding people to the friend list, the connection becomes as simple as a Skype call. Using dedicated relay servers worldwide will bring the connection success ratio to 100%. The relay servers, in some situations, can increase the connection quality and improve the ping times, even for existing users. The new version will select and download config files from the cloud without manual copying them to the aircraft directory. And last but not least—more than two people can join the shared flight in full or observer mode!

New features:

  • Simplified connection
  • Relay servers worldwide
  • User accounts
  • Automatic config file selection
  • New config file format
  • 3 separate control sections
  • 3+ pilots
  • New license model

New version will be available as a public beta for free!