Colimata Concorde FXP V 1.10 (+ XCIVA support)

Create DateDecember 10, 2019
Last UpdatedAugust 7, 2021
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SmartCopilot config file for the Colimata Concorde FXP Vers. 1.10

Hello community we are happy to share a smartcopilot file for the fantastic Colimata Concorde :)

Version 1.4: (still early version)

- Ready for 3.1.1 (small corrections on transponder and radio settings for SC)

* I added support for the Philip Muenzel CIVA (xciva), but couldn´t test it so far.
* G1000 Panels are supported
* Transponders are synchronized
* GUI should be syncronized
* Ready for Smartcopilot 3.1.1

* Better Pushback support

Better pushback / xciva:  please make sure that BOTH pilots have it installed or not installed. Different setup will cause problems.

Because this file is heavy, you will have heavy load on the bandwith. That beeing said, i recommend to disable weather synchronisation in Smartcopilot.
Instead use same weather tools on both sides indepedently. Like ASXP, NOAA or real world weather from xplane.

Please test it and report problems here:

(the only chance to get a better file is to give me attention to problems):

Thanks to mechia and teh_spartan who tested the file with me from time to time

if you looking for a file version without CIVA support (which is recommended) download this version  :

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