SmartCopilot 3.2 – New config file format

SmartCopilot 3.2 - New config file format Starting with SmartCopilot 3.2 we will introduce new config files in JSON format. It gives us the ability to overcome current INI file format limitations allowing us to implement additional features if required. In the first release, we plan to add the next [...]

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SmartCopilot 3.1 Released

SmartCopilot 3.1 Released Added New RADIO section in the config file for the better online experience (VATSIM, IVAO, etc.). It works in the same way as the TRANSPONDER section. Only the Master pilot can enable or disable synchronization of datarefs and commands in this section. New Pop-Up window on connection lost event. Can be disabled [...]

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ProjectFLY compatibility issue

ProjectFLY compatibility issue There is a strange issue while using SmartCopilot plugin together with projectFLY. SmartCopilot can't find the license key and shows DEMO mode. It is looking for a key inside projectFLY plugin folder. I've already contacted projectFLY team and opened an issue. I hope it will be fixed soon. Please, remove projectFLY plugin until we [...]

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SmartCopilot 2.11

Version 2.11 brings new GUI Starting from version 2.11 SmartCopilot plugin will contain a new GUI. What does it mean? We use X-Plane SDK 3.0. It means only X-Plane 11.10 and above is compatible We use "dear imgui" drawing library internally which gives a bunch of nice features and widgets. Read more about the library [...]

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